Voluntary groups of citizens and NGOs begin to test around 20 families for lead in Tbilisi.

As per explanation of organization the “Alliance for Safe Roads” chair, Eka Laliashvili to Inter Press News, based on analyses, high concentration of lead was found in all this 20 families. However, she mentioned that the cause is unknown

“From next week we start to inspect 20 families in Tbilisi in which, based on the analysis, lead concentrations have been found. The living environment will be examined; we will take samples from wall paint, floor, kitchen dish, food products, and toys in case of children in the family. Our investigator will visit the family and take samples, afterwards these samples will be submitted to the Quality Lab and we will be informed about the results approximately in three weeks. The main objective of the study is to find out the source from which people receive lead. The government claims that there is not any concentration of lead in the air, but as a matter of  fact, it is somewhere. We would like to let the government know that the concentration of lead was found in specific products, materials and etc. and it requires regulations, which do not exist. None of the imported products are tested for lead concentration, however the regulations are necessary”, – explains Laliashvili.

According to Laliashvili, volunteers who wish to participate in the study should contact the “Alliance for Safe Roads”.

“All 20 families contacted us by themselves, providing results of analyses showing that there is concentration of lead in their homes and they would like to participate in the study to be able to detect a source of it. Dried powdered herbs, food, water, salt, kitchen dish, toys, floor and wall paint will be tested. After finishing the first stage, we will continue the study in case of interest of other families. In order to begin a study, we only require the results of analysis”, – explained Laliashvili.

The study participants are: The Alliance for Safe Roads, the Green Alternative, the Partnership for Road Safety, the Center for Strategic Research and Development of Georgia and the Quality Lab. The research also includes active citizens and volunteers working in different organizations. The Orbeliani Georgia Foundation provides the support for the initiative.