On November 21 at Rustaveli avenue, in front of the Parliament building, street action/movement with respect to the World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims was held which was initiated by the Georgia Alliance for Safe Roads, the Partnership for Road Safety Foundation, the Georgia Transportation and Roads Association, Iare Pekhit (იარე ფეხით/Walk), the Tbilisi Tramway Network, the Georgian National Automobile Federation, the Georgian Auto Sport Federation, the Eco Transport Centre, HUB Georgia, the Georgian Health Promotion and Education Foundation, the JumpStart Georgia and Helping Hand.

The aim of the movement was to encourage the government to implement more effective steps to address road safety problems in Georgia. Immediately right after the new Parliament meeting, the law on road safety, the Point System and Remote Patrolling to be discussed as primary issues and to be adopted in order to decrease the number of road accident deaths and injuries, 95% of which are caused by human factors. The Movement theatre, volunteers, students and representative of some NGOs participated in the event.

The third Sunday of November is the World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims that was adopted by the UN in 2005 and it is commemorated in more than 70 counties in the world.