Civil sector representatives addressed the Parliament with the request of reviewing the draft law on “”About the Road Traffic”, to optimize the draft law and adopt it while taking the recommendations of NGOs into consideration before the Spring Sessions end, because the situation on the roads is alarming and demands urgent response from the civil sector as well as the government sector. The mentioned law will promote the prevention of road accidents. Civil sector representatives also requested a meeting in Parliament in order to optimize the project in shortest possible period, before reviewing a draft law.

The street demonstration participants were standing in front of the Parliament building with posters saying: “More than 600 people die on roads every year in Georgia”, “There is 44% increase in death on roads in Tbilisi”, “Inactivity of the Parliament is a crime!”, “We demand the adoption of the law”.  At the end of the demonstration, the representatives of NGOs signed the official letter to be sent to the Parliament. The draft law had been invoked in the Parliament by the Ministry of Internal Affairs on 10 December 2015. The essential articles of the law include Remote Patrolling/Point System and strictening the sanctions for law violation causing road accidents.