World Environment Day is celebrated around the world every year on June 5th, and the main message of the day is #GenerationRestoration #თაობააღდგენისთვის.

On June 5, at 14:00, in partnership with the UN Resident Coordinator’s Office in Georgia, the Georgia Alliance for Safe Roads held an event dedicated to the World Environment Day in Mziuri Park (Café Mziuri).

Air quality and the implementation of vehicle technical inspection reform in Georgia were the main topics of the meeting.

The event showcased an exhibition of social photos taken on the topic of air pollution, demonstrating the impact of polluted air on human health and the living environment.

The meeting was attended by the UN Resident Coordinator in Georgia Sabine Machl, Deputy Chair of the Environmental Protection and Natural Resources Committee of the Parliament of Georgia Khatia Tsilosani, Deputy Minister of Environmental Protection and Agriculture Nino Tandilashvili.