Georgian Alliance for Safe Roads with support of the Representation of United Nations Organization in Georgia  celebrated the World Car Free Day and organized the Bicycle Marathon.

CYCLING RACE, which was held with the aim to celebrate ‘World Car Free Day’in the scope of the European Mobility Week and the ‘Campaign for Clean Air’

Cycling Race route: Start from University St. #2, the territory of building #10 (co-called Maghlivi) of Tbilisi State University, passing through Kavtaradze St., Kazbegi St; Pekini St. and finish line at the City Hall.

Sabine Machl, the UN Ambassador in Georgia, was the co-host of the event and the honoured guest.

Representatives of Governmental Bodies, Ambassadors, Private and Civil Society sector, Cyclists, were invited to the event.

World Car Free Day’ was founded in 2000 by the European Commission and since then it has been actively celebrated in many countries of Europe and around the world. Tbilisi joins the world campaign for the last 4 years, which aims to promote environmental awareness, public transport, bicycle and walking as well as encouraging eco-behaviour among citizens.

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